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Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Programming and Computer Science - For High School Students

Suitable for students in High School (Grades 9-12)

A full-year honors-level course in programming and computer science, College Programming, and Computer Science prepares students for college studies in computer science and related disciplines. This course re-examines earlier topics (functions, conditionals, loops, strings, lists, and more) in greater detail and with increased rigor.


The course also covers intermediate data structures (sets, dictionaries), recursion, object-oriented programming, exceptions, monte carlo methods, cloud computing, efficiency, limits of computation, style, and top-down design, among other topics.


The course culminates in a significant creative project and an optional $200 final exam. Upon passing the exam, students receive 12 Carnegie Mellon University transcripted credits - equivalent to 4 course credits at other universities that accept CMU credits.

AIClub Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Programming and Computer Science - For High School

Learn Python: The Foundational Programming Language for AI!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how Google search, Alexa, Siri, auto-correct, speech translation, face recognition, self-driving cars, etc. learn from data and humans. Get your student an edge in school, competitions and preparation for college and careers by learning Python!

AIClub is thrilled to work with Carnegie Mellon University to provide High School and advanced Middle School students an opportunity to learn the programming language at the heart of AI software, develop rigorous programming, computer science and problem solving skills, and earn valuable college credits in the process.

Who is it for?

TThis curriculum is designed for students who

  • have strong math skills

  • have taken an introductory programming course

  • are looking for a college level programming and computer science course

Get Started

Get started by scheduling a 15-minute consultation with our experienced team. They are eager to answer your questions and tailor the sessions to your needs, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

Every student will get a customized learning program scheduled to their liking (for example - finish everything over the summer, or learn all year, as their schedule allows). Highly qualified AIClub instructors will guide your learning every step of the way, providing a thorough understanding of the subject matter and preparing you for the final exam.

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Take your knowledge to the next level by enrolling in our research program, where you can expand upon the foundations established in this course. Our program offers an opportunity to delve deeper into AI projects, gaining the expertise needed to succeed in competitions and have your work published in esteemed peer-reviewed professional venues. Through this research program, you'll enhance your understanding of key concepts, engage in hands-on experimentation, and develop valuable skills in research writing.

Find out more about the 1:1 Research Program! 


My 12 year old and some of her friends have attended one of the classes. I was really impressed by how much she learnt in one sitting and how intelligently she described what AI was later that evening to a cousin she was talking to. They absolutely loved it! They can't wait for the next batch of classes to start. She is so intrigued, she is requesting me to enroll her for all future classes I can!

Sonal Shukla


My kids (12 and 10) enjoyed the class very much. They are now able to articulate their much deeper understanding of AI with clarity. he approach of the class really opens up kids' imagination and creativity, demystifies AI to kids and makes it easy and fun. The kids also get to give a presentation on their creation -- a great practice for their presentation skill, a much needed real-world skill. I highly recommend this provider!


Mom of two Middle Schoolers


Introducing the AIClub Textbook ! 

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. For Middle School and High School students, AI is an opportunity to build critical future skills. Learn how to apply technology to solve real-world problems in varied disciplines from medicine to social good. Develop independent opinions about these technologies and how they affect human lives. This textbook covers the fundamentals of AI at a level of math and coding that matches middle school and high school capabilities.

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