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AI In Our Phones

The AIClub kids book series is an illustrated guide to teaching your kids AI! There are 7 books that cover the basics of Artificial Intelligences and helps your child understand the AI technologies that are all around them.

In this book, we will learn about AI and how it works on our phones!

You will discover how AI's help make our phones easy to use and how different apps use them.

We will also explore different AI's on our phone like Siri and autocorrect!

Purchase your own AIClub book from the links below!

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AI is here. Are your kids ready?


Kids are already interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. But how much do they understand about the opportunities and potential of AI? And what can parents like you do, help them grasp the implications, applications, and concepts behind it?

Those are big questions, and AIClub is providing the answers in a fun book series that helps kids understand this emerging technology, and help you as a parent guide them as they learn all that AI has to offer.


This book, and others in this series, are brought to you by AIClub, a group of technology experts, teachers, and parents, who are passionate about helping our kids learn, enjoy technology, and imagine what they can create with it for themselves and a better future.

This book covers the basics of AI's in our Phones including:

  • What is Artificial Intelligence?

  • How do our Phones use AI?

  • Digital Assistants

  • Auto-correct

  • Logging in by Face and Thumbprint

  • Fun apps that can change your face

  • Recommendations

  • What have we learned?

  • Fun activities for kids!


Introducing the AIClub Textbook ! 

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. For Middle School and High School students, AI is an opportunity to build critical future skills. Learn how to apply technology to solve real-world problems in varied disciplines from medicine to social good. Develop independent opinions about these technologies and how they affect human lives. This textbook covers the fundamentals of AI at a level of math and coding that matches middle school and high school capabilities.

Purchase your own AIClub textbook from the link below!


Purchase your own AIClub book from the links below!

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