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AIClub 2022 Student Research Symposium

AI Research and Innovations by Middle and High Schoolers

On June 25th, AIClub held its 2022 Student Research Symposium, where 9 K-12 students, parents, teachers, and industry computer scientists gathered to see students present research innovations using AI and answer prevalent challenges in the modern world today.


See the keynote (Data Science at NASA), student presentations, and a session on how students can realize their passions and perform distinctive research prior to college. 

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Dr. Nisha Talagala (CEO AIClub)

Our 2022  Symposium is a celebration of AI innovations by K-12 students. This year, we were proud to have

  • Keynote by Dr. Nikunj Oza, the leader of the Data Sciences Group at NASA Ames Research Center.

  • Presentations by Middle and High School students on AI in healthcare, social good, the environment, space and more.

  • A session on college prep by Dr.Nisha Talagala.

Research, APs and Beyond - Getting Ready for College
Dr.Nisha Talagala - CEO AIClub

In this video we cover

  • The importance of starting research early, and how research skills will help students in specific subjects in the present, and for the future in areas of problem-solving.

  • How students can get started on researching a topic that they care about, and the goals and targets in which they can aim to display their project or work with others. 

  • How middle school and high school kids can use AI-based innovations to bring their creativity to life, create distinctive accomplishments for college applications, win science fairs and other competitions, become entrepreneurs, and more.

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