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Future Careers in AI and Data Science - A view for Parents and Students

Recorded Webinar 

Duration: 50 min  

Date: 3/13/2021


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all around us! A large fraction of future jobs are expected to require AI and automation skills. In this webinar - our AI industry experts provide a simple, fun and easy introduction to this field, discuss what jobs in AI look like, and ways to get your kids excited about these new opportunities that will be in their future.
We also describe concrete steps that students of all ages can take to get prepared for the emerging opportunities.

Our speaker is an internationally recognized AI expert who has founded two companies in Artificial Intelligence. She is also the parent of a 12 year old daughter and is passionate about helping families and kids understand this technology world.
Her bio is linked below.

Nisha Talagala is the CEO and founder of Pyxeda AI. Previously, Nisha co-founded ParallelM which pioneered the MLOps practice of managing machine learning in production. Nisha is a recognized leader in the operational machine learning space and has more than 20 years of expertise in software development, distributed systems, technical strategy and product leadership. Nisha earned her PhD at UC Berkeley where she did research on clusters and distributed systems. Nisha co-chairs the annual conference on production machine learning (OpML). Nisha holds 68 patents in distributed systems and software, is a frequent speaker at industry and academic events, and is a contributing writer to Forbes Online/Cognitive World and other publications.


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