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Classifying Planetary Nebulae


JSHS Northern California & Nevada - Finalist - 2022


High School

About the Course

About this project

Scientists continue to learn more about space every day-- 1.3 million observations have been taken by the Hubble Telescope. We know that there are approximately 20,000 nebulae in the Milky Way Galaxy, but we have only been able to classify 1800 of them. Classification done by humans can take a longer period of time, and be subject to more errors.

Meenakshi therefore wanted to automate the process of classifying nebulae, to make it faster and more accurate. She narrowed down which AI model and techniques would best achieve her objective. Through her research, Meenakshi concluded that it is possible to build AI models that can effectively classify nebulas, and the hybrid use of Deep Learning and ML algorithms has high potential. Meenakshi hopes that her project will help assist in space exploration by speeding up the classification of nebulae and help the astronomer community identify wonders in outer space.

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