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Technology at School

AIClub Summer Camps

Innovative and comprehensive summer camps for new students and returning students. Summer camps available for kids of all ages from Grades 4-12.

All of our summer camps are online with small groups and live teachers.

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AI Introduction for Elementary

5 days, 2 hours each

Prerequisites : None 


Middle School & High School

5 days, 3 hours each day

Artificial Intelligence Made Fun and Easy 

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5 days, 3 hours each day

Prerequisites : None 

If you are new to AI, this camp is for you!

Image Classification Deep Learning AI

5 days, 3 hours each day

Prerequisites : None 

Want to learn how to do science projects with images and AI? This camp is for you!

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5 days, 3 hours each day

Python with Artificial Intelligence

Prerequisites : None

Want to build smart apps with AI? Want to learn and improve your Python? This camp is for you. 

Unsure which camps are right for your kids? Contact us at

  for a free consultation and custom recommendations!

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