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AI Curriculum Purchase Options for Teachers and Educators

Our curriculum packages contain everything a teacher needs for conducting an interactive, engaging, and fun AI class. 

Professional Growth

Invest in Yourself

You get 3 hours of PD session and a certificate that enables you to conduct AI classes. We also offer targeted PD for each curriculum.

Gardener's Tools

Tested Curriculums

The curriculums are a combination of slides, videos and  hands-on exercises that 1000s of students have used

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All curriculums are accompanied with discussion points, quizzes and exercises that can be used to get feedback on how well the students understood the material.

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Keyboard and Mouse

Introduction to AI

Teaching hours: 12

Prerequisites : None


AI Ethics

Teaching hours: 6

Prerequisites : None


Introduction to Machine Learning

Teaching hours: 12

Prerequisites : None

Programming Console

Machine Learning Algorithms

Teaching hours: 12

Prerequisites : Introduction to Machine Learning 

Introducing the AIClub Textbook ! 

Artificial Intelligence is all around us. For Middle School and High School students, AI is an opportunity to build critical future skills. Learn how to apply technology to solve real-world problems in varied disciplines from medicine to social good. Develop independent opinions about these technologies and how they affect human lives. This textbook covers the fundamentals of AI at a level of math and coding that matches middle school and high school capabilities.

Purchase your own AIClub textbook from the link below!


AIClub Elementary Book Series

We at AIClub know how tricky it can be to teach your child new things.
That is why we created the perfect series of kids books to help teach your children how AI works!

Kids are already interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. But how much do they understand about the opportunities and potential of AI? And what can parents like you do, to help them grasp the implications, applications and concepts behind it?

This series of books are brought to you by AIClub, a group of technology experts, teachers, and parents, who are passionate about helping our kids learn, enjoy technology, and imagine what they can create with it for themselves and a better future.

Round Library
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Supriya Bhuwalka, Educator India

Working with AIClub’s educator program to launch my own AI Classes was a great experience. The material energizes students: they are excited to learn more and want to build real world solutions using AI. The AIClub team was very helpful throughout the pilot process. I am expanding my education practice and launching AI classes with the help of AIClub!


Education Programs,

Mission Bit

The AIClub workshop was a great introduction to artificial intelligence. I could see that the students understood the current real world applications of it and were excited about developments in the future.

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Instructor, Silicon Valley Continuing Technical Education

My 11th and 12th grade students at Silicon Valley Career Technical Education enjoyed learning AI from AIClub's High School Programs. It was a valuable experience to help them prepare for future careers. The AIClub's High School curriculum has the depth to engage students as well as an easy to use web interface. It is a Program that any Computer Science or STEAM teacher could use to teach AI.

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