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Vishwani Herath

Administrative Coordinator

My name is Vishwani Herath, who is in my late twenties. I'm a native of Kandy, Sri Lanka. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka and planning to do further studies.


Administrative Coordinator

What does a typical day working for AIClub look like for you?

On my average day of work, I start my day off by checking my emails. This way, I have an overall idea to organize my day accordingly. Then, I prioritize my tasks according to my to-do list. I manage to tick-off urgent tasks on my to-do list before lunch. I try my best to tick off the rest of my tasks on the list before the day off. Usually, working with AIClub is about starting the day with a smile and ending the day with a smile.

What encouraged you to choose AIClub?      

I heard about the AIClub from one of my co-colleagues. At that time, I was going through hardships due to the pandemic. I decided to join AIClub because they understood my skills could be used in a new field even though I am from a different background. So, I decided that AIClub would be the best fit for my career. It is a proven fact that choosing AIClub is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

What do you love most about your job?

What I love about the job is all about having plenty of opportunities to grow. The job role of Administrative Coordinator is all about ensuring the smooth functioning of AlClub business. So, I have the chance to deep dive into a different field and learn new things to grow.

What's the best advice you've ever gotten?

The best advice I received is "Whatever you do - give it 100%".

What does success mean to you?

My definition for success is "If you are happy with yourself for what you achieved so far that is success".

What's a unique or interesting fact that most people would not know about you?

I'm a music enthusiast, and I love singing.

Who inspires you?

My forever inspiration is my loving mother.

What's your all-time favorite movie and why?

My all-time favorite movie is Harry potter. I'm so in love with the movie series because of the magic makes sense.

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