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Activity 2

How AIs are Different from Robots

How is an AI different from robots?

In this lesson, students will learn

  • AI is different from Robots

  • What Robots can do

  • What AIs can do

  • You can have AIs without Robots and Robots without AIs, but combining AI and Robots can be really cool!

Video to show difference between a robot and AI


Ask the students what they think Robots and AI together can do! What would they build if they can combine an AI and a Robot?

Some ideas

  • Smart robots that can fight fires

  • Robots to help elderly people with groceries

  • Robots to shop for you

  • Robots that can play games with you

Play a video showing an activity done by a Robot

Play the video below and ask the students which parts are AI and which are robot


  • The Robot is the part that moves

  • Seeing the obstacles and skipping them is AI

  • Seeing the steps and deciding to climb one foot at a time is AI

  • Actually moving the legs is robot.

Another real life Robot example


(1) What did you see the robot do in the video that is AI?


  • it avoided the scooter when it went into the house

  • it was able to see the second robot and decide exactly how to hand the package over


(2) Did you notice that the robot had no head? Why you think that is?


  • Well, it doesnt need a head the way we do

  • It probably has one or more cameras on its body

  • Its brain (the AI) is probably in its body

Lets try an AI that can detect objects

Here is a link that the students can go to do a live object detection activity:


They can point any object in front of their cameras and see if the AI is able to detect the object!

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