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AI Made Fun & Easy - Harker School

AI Today for the Leaders of Tomorrow

Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

Build an AI powered application!

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Course Highlights

Course overview

  • Designed and taught by AI experts with PhDs in Computer Science!

  • Proven results. Harker AIClub students have scored wins in many renowned competitions (see below for details)

  • Every student builds their own custom AI-powered app

Learn Artificial Intelligence - a new technology that is shaping our world!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how Google search, Alexa, Siri, auto-correct, speech translation, face recognition, self-driving cars, etc. learn from data and humans. Get your student an edge in school, competitions and preparation for college and careers by learning AI!


Students will learn what Artificial Intelligence is, how AI works and will build a custom project to train their own AI!. There is no math or programming pre-requisite to join this class!

Students will learn to build different types of AI - to detect and predict categories (for example whether a person is Happy/Sad or Child/Adult), to detect and predict values (such as teaching an AI to do Math). They will build AI projects to do each of these and learn the concepts behind them.

Students will also do a custom project of their choice to build an AI system to solve a problem. They will showcase their project to their parents and peers on the last day of the class.

The core AI concepts they will learn are:

• Different types of algorithms (classification, regression, NLP) appropriate for different types of problems and data (text, numbers, categories).

• Train an AI system from raw data and use it to build cool applications.

• How to improve an AI with better data

• How to measure and tune the performance of different AI algorithms to make them better

• Connect your AI to Python or Javascript to build a cool app (like a chatbot)

Each student builds a custom project of their choice. They will be trained on how to make a compelling project pitch, and will present their project on the last day of class.

What else students take away

• A solid and practical understanding of AI - a fascinating and fundamental technology that is changing our world. How AI is used in real life and how they can use AI for their own projects.

• Several AI projects that they can showcase, covering numbers, text and categories

• One year access to an online cloud account where they can continue to build new projects and learn more AI

• A membership to AIClub with further opportunities to compete and win in AI competitions

What kind of custom project can a student build? See past projects built by students who have taken this course