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Join an AIClub and Learn All About AI

AIClub aims to increase AI-Literacy to students
of all grades in India.


AIClub works with cooperating corporations, investors, civil society organizations, and academic institutions in both the United States and India. It is an initiative of a public-private partnership between the State Department and AIClub to advance AI-Literacy in India.

Advancing AI-Literacy is an educational imperative. Learning AI is a powerful way to encourage students to think creatively about the future and provides opportunities to meet high in-demand careers. Through the State Department – AIClub Initiative, we also hope to foster a community between American and Indian educators. 

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Provide training and support

to 1000s of teachers in India to help them teach AI-literacy effectively 

Establish partnerships

with 100s of schools in India to integrate AI-literacy education into their curriculum

Empower students

with AI-Literacy education and practical skills that can be harnessed in the real world

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Partnering with Suraj Foundation to bring AI-Literacy to Indian students

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Through AIClub's AI syllabus, Nav Krishna Valley School was able to enhance their curriculum and ensure their students stay ahead of the curve with AI's rapid advancement across India.

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