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Technovation Girls - Regional Winner NA Junior Division


Middle School

About the Course

Technovation Girls - Regional Winner North America Junior Division

About this project

Calmzilla is an app designed to tackle the rising issue of stress in middle school students. As students are occupied with school, extracirruculars and the online space, multi-tasking can pose negative effects on mental wellbeing.

After confirming results from a survey that nearly half of students questioned reported feeling stress and doing further research on the topic, team DASA created AI-based Calmzilla. The app allows students to interact with the chatbot Chai, and get recommendations on stress-relieving games based on their current stress level. Parents are also sent updates on their children via emails.

Team DASA hope to further improve Calmzilla by adapting the app to consider a wider variety of factors such as age, culture, socio-economic status, etc. to make it a service useful and relevant for larger communities.

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