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Synopsys - 2nd Place in Category + Special Award - 2022


Middle School

About the Course

About this project

Across the globe, over 2.2 billion people struggle with vision impairment. Currency differentiation is a task we do in our daily lives but can be difficult for the visually impaired. Existing tech solutions do not take into consideration issues such as bad lighting or the angles in which photos are taken.

Thus, Krish and Mikhil created an accessible AI-powered app that aims to help individuals with this task. With Ceye, users can take a picture or upload a currency note, and the app will read out the number contained in the image. They created a dataset of 1.8k images of USD bills in 3 different positions for their app.

Krish and Mikhil hope to increase their dataset with different types of dollar bills as well other international currencies. They then hope to deploy the app on the App Store and Play Store to make it accessible for all.

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