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Congressional App Challenge - 3rd Place | 2022


Middle School

About the Course

CleanSpeak is a website that provides less toxic versions of given suggestions or sentences. In today's digital age, our lives are increasingly dependent on devices, but this technological advancement also has serious drawbacks. The type of attention we receive on social media, for example, can have a significant impact on our emotions and mental health. Toxic comments can harm one's self-esteem, and there have been severe incidents where people have committed suicide as a result of the toxic attention they received on social media. In response to this issue, Mihir created CleanSpeak, where people can submit what they consider to be toxic to get a non-toxic version in return.

For his project, Mihir turned to Dr. Nisha, who had offered guidance on a prior project centered on identifying toxic comments. Dr. Nisha recommended GPT-3 at OpenAI, widely regarded as a leading NLP model. Following his research, Mihir decided to fine-tune the model to produce less toxic versions of comments.

In the future, Mihir plans to expand the project by taking input from users to measure how good the response was and what they would have put as a non-toxic version, in order to continue to improve the model's strength. He also wants to explore other models besides GPT-3 to see what results he gets. Overall, Mihir hopes that his app can change the toxic atmosphere of social media, and help people communicate with each other in a less harmful way.

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