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Identification of Skin Disorders


SPIE 2022 - Poster accepted


High School

About the Course

About this project

In the United States, over 8 million people have psoriasis and 18 million people have ecezma. Although the symptoms of the two are similar, they are different and require varying forms of treatment. A large number of psoriasis patients are undertreated and underdiagnosed, especially patients who come from low-income demographics, as the cost of diagnosis can be very expensive.

Ankita thus created a specialized AI that can diagnose psoriasis and ecezma in patients at no cost. She used samples of hands and feet to train her algorithm and aimed for over 90% accuracy. She hopes to expand her diagnoses for more body part samples, and convert this optimized ML model into an app that can be used by doctors and patients to assist in the diagnosis of skin conditions in the healthcare industry.

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