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Python and Artificial Intelligence - Build a Chat Bot - Winter Break Camp

Suitable for students in Middle School and High School (Grades 6-12)

Students learn Python and Artificial Intelligence and built a custom chatbot of their choice by combing Python coding and AI.

Learn one of the most popular programming languages for applications and data science - Python, from the comfort of your home, completely online! Now is the time for your child to get introduced to the world of coding in Python and Artificial Intelligence (AI)!

No prerequisites

Learn Artificial Intelligence - a new technology that is shaping our world!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is how Google search, Alexa, Siri, auto-correct, speech translation, face recognition, self-driving cars, etc. learn from data and humans. Get your student an edge in school, competitions and preparation for college and careers by learning AI!

In our classes, students with no previous coding experience can learn Python, basics of AI and build custom projects to showcase their new skills!

Why learn Python?

Python is a language in very high demand because of its versatility and penetration into just about every industry. It can be used for building artificial intelligence systems, web development, graphic design, gaming and the list goes on.

Now is the time for your child to get introduced to the world of coding and python. All our classes are designed around projects that they build incrementally by using concepts learnt in each consecutive class.

Why join this camp?

• Designed and taught by PhDs and AI Experts

• Proven - hundreds of K-12 students have built custom projects. Some have won STEM and Innovation competitions

• Only workshops where students can build Python powered AIs and publish them online! Students love building AIs and learning how they work

• Fun! Students build many programs and complete a project of their choice.

We have no math or programming requirement. If they would like to code, they can do that also! Kids get interested and start building fun AI applications and also get motivated to learn programming, math and more STEM topics.

Please see our brochure for more info about our programs!


This course will introduce new students to Python and reinforce core programming concepts (input/output, conditionals, loops, data structures etc.). The students will combine their newfound Python knowledge with Artificial Intelligence. They will build a smart chatbot that can understand english sentences and have a conversation. Each student will build a custom chatbot of their choice.

 They will present their app to the class at the end of the course. Parents will also receive a video of their child's presentation and students can also write a blog about their project that will be showcased on the AIClub website.

Curriculum - What the students learn:

• How to build a smart application from scratch in Python.

• Core programming concepts - flowcharts, input/output, loops, conditionals, data structures.

• To use an IDE (Development Environment) to create, run and debug Python applications.​

• How to connect AIs to their python programs to make them artificially intelligent.

• How to build applications that use two or more AIs at once.

• The students will build a custom project in Python and learn how to debug, test and present their final application in a demonstration.

Projects built by students taking our courses