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AIClub Teacher Professional Development Sessions

Free Introductory PD Sessions
 Learn how to Bring AI to your Classroom

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Want to learn how to bring AI into your classroom? Learn from our experiences of teaching over 3000 K-12 students!


This Professional Development Workshop will show you how Artificial Intelligence curriculums can be implemented in classrooms, in conjunction with the various coding and math levels of different grades. With several hands on exercises - you will build and explore AI and complete fun exercises which you can then do in your classroom!


What will we learn about AI?

  • What is AI?

  • Different types of AI

  • How to build an AI to detect our mood

  • How to use AI to create art

  • How to build an AI to detect animals from pictures

  • AI Ethics and why it matters


What will we learn about teaching AI? 

  • How AI can be taught in K-12

  • Topics and curriculums for different grade levels (grades 4-12)

  • Alignment with math curriculum

  • Role of coding and computer science

  • Practice exercises for hands-on teacher learning


Each teacher who completes one of the training sessions will get a Professional Development Certificate from AIClub

Teachers will also get a list of free resources to learn more about AI, and exercises to do in their class.


This introductory PD session is suitable for any teacher who wants to learn more about AI. 

Our session trainer is Dr Nisha Talagala. Dr Talagala is a computer scientist who has taught kids AI for the past 3 years.

Stay tuned for upcoming PD sessions!

Here's what teachers have to say about AIClub!

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