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AI for Kids

AI is all around us. At AIClub, we specialize in helping kids learn, understand, and get excited about AI. Look below for answers to all your questions on why kids should learn AI and how they can get started.

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Can children learn artificial intelligence?

Yes! We have taught  AI to over 2500 students from grades 4-12. These kids have learned AI and built their own custom projects (over 500 projects and counting).  12 AIClub student teams have won awards at US national and international competitions for their AI projects.


With our unique approach (the 4 C's), kids build their first AI in their first class session with no coding or math pre-requisiite, and progressively learn deep and powerful skills.

How do you explain AI to a child?

We use a unique approach (the 4C's of AI Literacy) developed by our professional teachers, Ph.D Computer Scientists and industry experts. 

Concepts: kids learn how AIs work, what they can do and how to build and interact with AI, all described to be intuitive at the level of the kid's education and age

Context: Kids learn how AIs in real life (like Alexa and Self Driving cars) work

Capability: Kids learn how to build their own AIs, with as much or as little code as they are ready for.

Creativity: WIth custom projects, kids can bring their imagination to life and use AI to solve problems they care about.

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What is Machine Learning for Kids?

Machine Learning is a type of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on machines learning from data. We teach Machine Learning for kids as well as other types of AI (like Natural Language Processing for understanding languages, and Deep Learning/Neural Networks for understanding images) - all these types of AI can easily be learned by kids.

AI and Machine Learning for Elementary and Middle Schoolers 

Our elementary courses are designed to spark kids' curiosity and help kids to get excited about AI. These courses cover many different types of AI and kids get to try out real-world AIs and build their own AI.

Our middle school courses cover AI concepts in more depth to match the math knowledge of the students. Kids can code as much or as little as they like. They also build custom projects of their choice. Many of our middle schoolers have won science fair and other competitions with their AI projects.

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AI and Machine Learning for High Schoolers

Our high school courses are focused on helping students learn AI at depth, including algorithms, and build distinctive real-world projects that they can showcase to prepare them for college applications, competitions and internships. Our high school classes use state of the art cloud and open source tools such as Tensorflow and Pytorch

Our advanced high school students also develop publishable quality research and patent filings.

What can kids do with AI?

AIClub kids have built over 500 custom AI projects in areas from STEM, social good, climate change, games, healthcare, and beyond. See the video on the left to see some of them. 

Kids as young as 8 years old have built custom projects in our Elementary AI classes. Middle School and High School kids have completed competition and publication quality projects. 

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