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AIStars Competition 2021

When: July 31st- Aug 7th, 2021

Deadline to Register: July 15th

AI will create the future. Who will create AI?

Artificial Intelligence is all around us and growing rapidly. The AI market is expected to be 190B in 2025 with AI in every industry and used in many jobs.

To help kids worldwide learn AI, we at AIClub are launching AIStars, for kids from ages 8-18 imagine the future with AI, build innovative projects, get guidance from expert mentors, and become part of a worldwide community of innovators. 

Why compete? You can have fun and build cool AI apps, learn from mentors and speakers, and meet other kids! You can use your project learnings in STEM fairs or other competitions, and showcase your project as an impressive accomplishment for college applications.

AIStars Competition Pitching Session 2021

AIStars Competition 2021 

AIStars Competition 2021 
Second Place

AIStars Competition 2021 
Third Place

AIStars Pitch videos | Parkinson's Disease Classification