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CO2 Sensei


Patent Filed | 2023


Middle School

About the Course

About this project

Covid-19 has left a devastating impact across the globe and impacted the way businesses operate. Historically, doctors have stressed the importance of better ventilation to reduce the spread of respiratory diseases. After talking with several world-renowned experts, MDS learned that CO2 levels are a simple and easy-to-detect proxy for ventilation.

The MDS team built CO2 Sensei, an iPhone app that businesses and individuals can use to measure the CO2 levels around them, understand the difference between safe and unsafe levels, take steps to improve CO2 levels, and track their improvements. The team also created a website,, to help users learn more about CO2, ventilation, and COVID-19.

In our world of increasingly poor air quality, CO2 Sensei can help people all around the world develop a shared understanding of how important it is that the air that we and our children breathe is clean.

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