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Activity 1

How an AI Can "See"

AI in Daily Life - Self Driving Cars


  • Have you seen a self driving car?

  • Have you seen one in the news or in the movies?

  • How do you think they work?

They use an AI to detect different objects in their surroundings and navigate

AI in Daily Life - Self Driving Cars

How does an AI learn to do all this?

Did you know AI can also understand

pictures/images ? But how?


How do computers store images?

  • Images are stored as Pixels. Each Pixel is one number or a set of numbers

  • The more pixels an image has, the harder it is for a human to see the pixels

How many pixels do images have today?

  • Ask the students to Google for the answer

  • Most modern day cameras have between one million and ten million pixels per image

Lets Try an AI for Images

Now that we have seen that images are made up of Pixels, or are lots of numbers. what can an AI do with these numbers?


Do this exercise

Show them what the summary page for QuickDraw shows. This video describes what you can show them. The video is also embedded below.

Demo of how quickdraw can be used to engage the students


How do we think this AI learned?

  • It had lots of pictures of drawings of different things

  • It learned patterns of what each object looked like

  • When we draw a new object - it tries to find a pattern that matches

  • If our drawings look like other people's - it will guess the right answer

Any ideas of what we can do with these types of AIs?

  • Find people by their faces?

  • Diagnose diseases by looking at pictures of skin, X-Rays etc? Did you know that doctors can now diagnose COVID-19 by looking at X-Rays?

  • Detect healthy plants and diseased plants?

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