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Elementary School Classes
(Grades 4-6)

AIClub provides comprehensive courses that start in Elementary School and continue through High School (and beyond!)

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• Start in Elementary School - no math or coding pre-requisite!

• Learn what AI is, and how to build AI and use it

• Self paced projects, videos and online exercises to continue your learning outside of class

Live online 

• Learn how AI works, from AI experts

• Learn how things in your daily life (like Alexa, phones, and self driving cars) use AI

• Build your own AI and teach it how to play games and chat with you!



• Start in Elementary School - no need to know math or coding

• Courses that advance with you to Middle School, High School, competitions and beyond. Lots of ways to use coding and AI as you learn to code!

• Build cool projects to showcase your skills to parents, teachers and friends!


5 days, 3 hours each day

Introduction to AI for 
Elementary Students

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4 sessions, 1 hour each

Prerequisites : None 

5 days, 3 hours each day

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Explore different types of AI for Elementary

4 sessions, 1 hour each

Prerequisites : None 


My 11th and 12th grade students at Silicon Valley Career Technical Education enjoyed learning AI from AIClub's High School Programs. It was a valuable experience to help them prepare for future careers. The AIClub's High School curriculum has the depth to engage students as well as an easy to use web interface. It is a Program that any Computer Science or STEAM teacher could use to teach AI.

Jim Burnham

Mechatronics Engineering Instructor

The AIClub workshop was a great introduction to artificial intelligence. I could see that the students understood the current real world applications of it and were excited about developments in the future.

Cynthia Chin

Program Manager at Mission Bit

Highly recommended! My sixth grader enjoyed the course and she now gained a good understanding and foundation on what is Python programming like and how AI works. The instructor was very caring and respectful to students and answered her questions in details.

Amy Te

Mom of Middle Schooler

AIClub Elementary Book Series

We at AIClub know how tricky it can be to teach your child new things.
That is why we created the perfect series of kids books to help teach your children how AI works!

Kids are already interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) in their daily lives. But how much do they understand about the opportunities and potential of AI? And what can parents like you do, to help them grasp the implications, applications and concepts behind it?

This series of books are brought to you by AIClub, a group of technology experts, teachers, and parents, who are passionate about helping our kids learn, enjoy technology, and imagine what they can create with it for themselves and a better future.

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