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Natural Language Processing with Transformers (M6/H5/PA5)

This course is ideal for students who want to learn advanced natural language processing techniques that use transformers,  to create groundbreaking technologies like GPT-3, Chat-GPT, language translation, and digital assistants. Anyone who is familiar with python and AI basics (or) has taken AI (M1, M2 or M4) and Python with AI (PA1 and PA3) courses is suitable for taking this class. 

Suitable for:
• Those who are familiar with the basics of AI and python and in Grade 8 or higher (OR)
• Those who have taken Build a Chatbot with AI and Python (PA1), Data and Python with AI (PA3) and Advanced Algorithms: Random Forest and Text Classification (M4)


Learn Artificial Intelligence - a new technology that is shaping our world!


 Students enrolling are expected to have a basic background in python (data structures, functions, importing modules etc). Any student who has taken an entry level python course with us (PA1 or Summer Camp) automatically qualifies for this course.

Why learn Python?

Python is a language in very high demand because of its versatility and penetration into just about every industry. It can be used for building artificial intelligence systems, web development, graphic design, gaming and the list goes on.

Now is the time for your child to get introduced to the world of coding and python. All our classes are designed around projects that they build incrementally by using concepts learnt in each consecutive class.

Why choose AIClub?

• Designed by AI experts with PhDs in Computer Science!
• These classes are the only ones where students get to build AIs from the very first class, which is precisely why they are so popular among students who love the opportunity to learn about and create these technologies!

We have no math or programming requirement. If they would like to code, they can do that also! Kids get interested and start building fun AI applications and also get motivated to learn programming, math and more STEM topics.


Please see our brochure for more info about our programs!


This advanced class helps students learn the latest Natural Language Processing techniques used to create groundbreaking technologies like GPT-3, Chat-GPT, language translation, and digital assistants. With a focus on Deep Learning and Transformers, students will learn cutting-edge techniques in NLP, including Bidirectional Encoder Representations (BERT). Through hands-on experience with Python and Tensorflow packages, students will gain a deeper understanding of data processing and language comprehension, culminating in the creation of their own custom project.

Topics, Tools and Modules:

• Review of core programming concepts - flowcharts, input/output, loops, conditionals, data structures. Introduction to data preparation mechanisms for text data including removal of stop words, tokenization etc. 

• Introduction to Transformers and BERT - State of the art Deep Learning for Text. Introduction to Tensorflow and how to use Tensorflow for natural language comprehension with BERT.

• Build a custom Natural Language Processing project and application in Python.

What students take away

• A working tensorflow based Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI project that you can showcase and share.

• Training and AI and usage of advanced deep learning algorithms using powerful cloud tools.

• An AIClub membership where they can access new projects, showcase their code, and participate in competitions. Completing the advanced course will equip them with the skills they need to develop and showcase more advanced projects, and compete in advanced competitions.

• Opportunities to compete and win in AI competitions. For more information on this, visit our

Research Program.

• Certificate of Completion.


Duration: 8 weeks / 1.5 hours per session

We offer a range of dates and times to accommodate busy schedules.

Since we use entirely online tools, if a student must miss a class, it is easy for them to do the required work at home. We provide materials for missed classes and drop in times for students to come in for personal assistance on material covered in a missed class. We do ask however that the student attend the first and last class since this is needed for them to get oriented and also complete their custom project.

Important Notice: The class schedules listed here are fixed. Session rescheduling is not possible in the event of student absence, even if the class has only one student. Thank you for your understanding.

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My 12 year old and some of her friends have attended one of the classes. I was really impressed by how much she learnt in one sitting and how intelligently she described what AI was later that evening to a cousin she was talking to. They absolutely loved it! They can't wait for the next batch of classes to start. She is so intrigued, she is requesting me to enroll her for all future classes I can!

Sonal Shukla


My kids (12 and 10) enjoyed the class very much. They are now able to articulate their much deeper understanding of AI with clarity. he approach of the class really opens up kids' imagination and creativity, demystifies AI to kids and makes it easy and fun. The kids also get to give a presentation on their creation -- a great practice for their presentation skill, a much needed real-world skill. I highly recommend this provider!


Mom of two Middle Schoolers

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