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Congratulations Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) National Qualifiers!

The JSHS regional season is underway, and two students have already qualified for the JSHS National Symposium in May in New Mexico!

What is the Junior Science and Humanities (JSHS) Symposium?

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium is a well respected national competition for high school students pursuing research in various fields from medicine, computer science, to astronomy and the environment. JSHS starts with regional events where 5 delegates chosen will represent their region in a national symposium with 245 students chosen as top researchers from across the country.

Is JSHS prestigious?

JSHS is a highly prestigious competition where 8000 or more students regularly compete for the coveted 245 slots.

What is the national qualifier status?

The national qualifier status means that these students achieved one of the top 5 spots in their respective regionals, giving them a spot on the list of delegates for the National Symposium.

What did these students do? How can I win JSHS?

These two students conducted research in environmental science and astronomy. Each project utilized AI to generate novel solutions to problems in the field.

How can I get started with JSHS?

Both students are members of the AIClub Research Institute. To get started - please check out the projects and book a consultation.

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