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100% Acceptance to SPIE - High School Research!

Updated: Apr 30

All five AIClub Research Institute projects who submitted to the Machine Learning Applications and Digital Image Processing Workshops of SPIE have been accepted! The students will be presenting their research in August, and the papers will be published by the SPIE Digital Library

What is SPIE?

SPIE is a highly respected international society for photonics and optics. Every year, SPIE runs several major professional conferences, which include workshops that cover innovative uses of photonics, vision, imaging, and related technologies for solving challenging problems.

How to publish high school research in professional conferences?

In our extensive experience of helping high school students successfully publish in professional conferences, we have learned that (a) it is very possible (b) the bar is higher than for science fairs or high school journals, and (c) it requires particular advanced skills in research execution, writing, etc. which our mentors guide our students on.

Why is it valuable to present at professional conferences?

Professional conferences are amazing places to be surrounded by the top people in your field of exploration, present and get feedback, and develop contacts. Our students who have presented at these conferences come back inspired, invigorated, and filled with ideas from what they have seen presented.

What were these projects about?

The particular projects published this year ranged for image-based disease identification of retinal images and brain tumors, to the classification of produce health, detecting potholes, and tracking of mosquito-spread. While varied in domains, all represented applications of advanced, state-of-the-art, AI to problems of societal significance.

How can I get started?

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