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Congratulations - 100% Acceptance to IEEE COMPSAC! High School Research

All 6 AIClub Research Institute students who submitted to IEEE COMPSAC have had their papers accepted for publication!

What is IEEE?

IEEE - the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, is a highly respected professional international organization that publishes and organizes conferences on technical topics worldwide. IEEE is the world's largest professional organization for advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Why IEEE for high school student publications?

IEEE publications are highly regarded and merit-based (i.e. not pay-to-play). Publishing in an IEEE conference or journal demonstrates that your research has passed rigorous review from the top experts worldwide in your field. Participating in an IEEE event to present your research is also a wonderful way to meet others in your field, find mentors, and learn more about the state-of-the-art work on your topic worldwide.

What is COMPSAC?

COMPSAC 2024 - the 48th IEEE International Conference on Computers, Software and Applications, focuses on research and development to further benefits for all aspects of society. Jointly sponsored by IEEE and the IEEE Computer Society, COMPSAC 2024 will bring researchers worldwide together in Osaka, Japan, to present innovations to further Digital Development for a Better Future.

What research did these students do?

The high school research accepted to COMPSAC 2024 included AI advancements in wide ranging application areas. Examples included fire detection, Carcinoma detection, Alzheimer's, education innovations, mental health, and pharmacogenetics.

How can I start a research project and publish it?

Check out the AIClub Research Institute and book a time to chat.

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