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AI in Science Fairs - An Update

In 2020 and 2021, AIClub identified the trends of middle school and high school students increasingly using AI in their Science Fair projects. In this blog post, we show how the trend continued (and increased!) in 2024.

The two charts below are for the Synopsys Science Fair in the California Bay Area. The first shows the number of winning projects (projects that won at least one award) that used some form of AI. The second shows winning projects using AI - by grade.

What can we see? First - the use of AI in science fair projects is growing dramatically year over year. Second, in some grades, it is as much as 70% or more of all winning projects!

How does AI help create winning science fair projects?

  • AI is a powerful interdisciplinary tool. It can be used to add innovative value to projects ranging from medicine to plant science to astrophysics.

  • It is possible for students as young as 6th grade to harness these powerful methods, in combination with public data or their experiments, to create fascinating and award-winning projects.

How can I get started with an AI Science Fair Project?

The AIClub Research Institute helps students learn sophisticated, state-of-the-art AI methods, and use them to create amazing projects. Check out the institute here.

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