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Congratulations! 100% Conrad Challenge Finalists!

Conrad Challenge

All AIClub Research Institute Teams that applied for the Conrad Challenge were selected as finalists. Read on to discover more about this amazing and prestigious international competition, and what students learn and demonstrate during a selective process.

What is the Conrad Challenge?

The Conrad Challenge is an annual, multi-phase innovation and entrepreneurship competition that encourages students aged 13-18 to create and pitch solutions to real-world problems in categories such as aerospace, cybersecurity, health, and sustainability. Named after astronaut Pete Conrad, the challenge fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among participants. Teams develop a product or service, create a business plan, and present their ideas to industry experts, competing for awards and opportunities to further develop their concepts.

What do you do in the Conrad Challenge?

In the Conrad Challenge, students form teams to identify a pressing global issue within specific categories and then innovate a product or service as a solution. They develop a comprehensive business plan and pitch their ideas to a panel of industry experts, competing for the opportunity to bring their innovations to market.

Is the Conrad Challenge prestigious?

Yes, the Conrad Challenge is considered prestigious due to its global reach, the involvement of industry experts, and its focus on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship among young students. It provides a platform for participants to develop and present their ideas to a wide audience, offering valuable exposure and opportunities for further development. In 2023, 950 teams competed for one of 25 coveted finalist slots.

How does one compete in the Conrad Challenge?

The first step is to form a team and develop an idea. The competition itself has several stages, starting with a Lean Canvas, followed by an Innovation Brief and finally live pitches to judges.

Where is the Conrad Challenge held?

The initial rounds are held virtually, with the final Innovation Summit being held at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

What did the winning students do?

The AIClub Research Institute students developed innovative ideas that used state-of-the-art AI, in particular Large Language Models and Generative AI, to solve worldwide problems. With the assistance of their AIClub mentors, they also developed prototypes and business plans for their innovations.

How can I get started?

Check out the AIClub Research Institute and book a consultation.


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