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Congratulations - Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Acceptance! How AI Research helped a high schooler land his dream college

Carnegie Mellon University
Carnegie Mellon University

Congratulations to the AIClub Research Institute student who became an AI research expert and blazed a pathway to his dream college. This student did two projects with our mentors. The first explored his passion for sport, building an video analysis AI powered app to improve his (and his fellow teammates) skill in physical motions as they played. For his second project, he took an entirely different route - exploring Generative Adversarial Networks for medical image diagnostics. He won awards at his local science fair for both projects, and advanced to state level and won state awards for the second project. He also started an AIClub at his school and engaged with a local hospital to develop and advance his medical AI project further.

This is a great example of how students can use AI Research to further their passions, develop linkages between real-world problems and the state of the art in technology, and trailblaze into the future. We look forward to seeing what great things he will do next!


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