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Introducing the World's First AI Literacy Bot!

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Welcome Sage!

We at AIClub have educated children and adults all over the world about AI, and pioneered a unique approach to AI LIteracy (the 4 C's) that has enabled thousands of all ages to learn AI. Today we are super excited to introduce our newest initiative in this area - Sage the AI Literacy Bot! You can talk to Sage here:

"Who" is Sage?

Sage is an advanced language model that can help you become AI literate. Using content exclusively curated by our AI experts, Sage will answer your questions about AI.

A community collaboration and resource

These days when many around the world are concerned that life-altering AIs are built by a few countries and people, our goal is to enable everyone to contribute to these shared resources. Contributing is easy. You can either

- Ask Sage a question, and leave your feedback on the answer

- Contribute resources that Sage can learn from

All inputs will be reviewed by our experts for correctness. In the future, we plan to open up the review process as well so that others can help us scale Sage's learning.

How can you use Sage?

- Students can use Sage to learn about AI

- Teachers can use Sage in their classrooms and also to learn AI and teach AI

- Anyone can use Sage to improve their AI literacy

Sage is free to use. Currently Sage only interacts in English - but soon you will be able to ask questions and get answers in a wide range of languages.

Watch this video to learn more.

Enjoy! I hope you will have fun talking to Sage and learning AI!

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