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Congratulations - Technovation Girls Finalists!

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Technovation 2021 Artificial Intelligence Competition Finalists - Team MDS and COLBY

Congratulations to AIClub teams COLBY and MDS, who have both been named finalists in the Technovation Girls 2021 worldwide competition! Both teams will present their innovations live at the World Summit in August 2021.

What is Technovation Girls?

Technovation Girls is a worldwide competition for girls aged 10-18 where teams of girls can imagine solutions to problems in their communities, build apps to solve these problems and learn critical skills.

What did teams COLBY and MDS do?

Team Colby (Anudi) lives in Sri Lanka. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Anudi saw firsthand the impact of the lockdown on her community, and how people around her struggled with loneliness. She created COLBY (Cure of Loneliness), a chatbot that uses AI to detect the user’s mood and talks with them to help them feel less lonely. You can learn more about COLBY here.

Team MDS (Meenakshi, Danika, and Shriya) wanted to help businesses in their community open safely after the lockdown. After doing research and talking with experts, they discovered that CO2 is a great proxy for ventilation, and built CO2 Sensei, an app and website that business owners can use to track ventilation and determine how to create safe levels of ventilation in their surroundings. You can learn more about CO2 Sensei here.

How many teams participated?

12 finalist teams were selected out of a total of over 1700 teams.

How long did the teams work?

Both teams worked for 2-3 months on their projects, including developing their AIs, gathering data, building their apps/websites, and getting user and expert mentor feedback.

What other projects have AIClub students done for Technovation Competitions?

AIClub students have participated in Technovation competitions for some time. Last year, two AIClub teams - Smart Waste Sorter and Calmzilla, won the Senior and Junior US Regional Awards at the Technovation AI challenge 2020. You can read more about their projects at "Smart Waste Sorter", and " How to gather data for an AI project".

What is next?

Both the COLBY and MDS teams would like to continue to work on their apps and make them available to their communities.

Congratulations! The entire AIClub community is super proud of you!

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