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100% Acceptance to Junior Science and Humanities Symposiums (JSHS) Nationwide!

High school student doing research
High school student doing research

All AIClub Research Institute students who submitted to this year's Junior Science and Humanities regional symposiums were invited to present their research! Congratulations to all the students!

What is the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS)?

JSHS is one of the most prestigious research competitions for High School students in the United States.

How does JSHS work?

Students first apply to their regional symposium - usually by submitting a detailed paper describing their research (details differ by region). Selected students are invited to present at their region's symposium, at which point a subset will be selected to participate in the JSHS National Symposium. There is one regional event for about every state, sometimes with two events for larger states (California for example has one event for Northern CA and Nevada, and a second event for Southern CA).

What did these students win?

These students beat many of their peers for the coveted invitation to present at their respective regional events, where they will have a chance to qualify for the national event. At the regional event and the national event, students win cash scholarships and the chance to interact with scientists from the government and industrial and academic research.

What projects did the students do?

The students are all part of the AIClub Research Institute, where they conduct advanced research under the guidance of Ph.D mentors, focusing on a topic of their interest and its intersection with advanced AI technology. The projects this year ranged from assessing the health of fruit to greenhouse gas emissions assessments, plant disease classification, astronomy and space object identification, eye diseases, to advanced recycling methods.

How can I start a project like this?

To engage with the AIClub Research Institute, please book a consultation here.


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