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Congratulations - Congressional App Challenge Winner!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Artificial Intelligence AI Deepfake Detector App for Congressional App Challenge 2021 Project

Congratulations to AIClub student Kuval, who has won the Congressional App Challenge in his Texas district!

What is the Congressional App Challenge?

The Congressional App Challenge is a competition sponsored by the US Congress, to encourage students to learn coding and solve problems using technology and STEM. Students apply in their congressional district. Apps can be websites or mobile apps.

Kuval’s app - DeepFake Detector

Kuval built a DeepFake Detector, which is an app that can detect whether a video is real or has been face-swapped. A face-swapped video is where the video of one person has been altered with the face of another person, making it seem like the second person made the statements made by the first person. Videos such as these can fuel misinformation and damage businesses and individuals.

Kuval used AI to build a DeepFake detection algorithm and then built a website powered by this AI. Users of his website can upload their own videos, and the AI will detect whether the video is real or fake. See a video of Kuval’s app below.

More information:

Why was the Congressional App Challenge created?

The challenge was created to encourage students to apply their knowledge and creativity to solve problems. The challenge enables students to express solutions to problems around them using skills like coding, app development, AI, and STEM.

How do I participate in the Congressional App Challenge?

The contest is open to Middle School and High School students in the United States who can enter in teams of 1-4 students, where at least half the team must be from the same congressional district. Please check the competition website for the full set of rules.

How can I create my own app?

There are many ways to create your app or website. Here at AIClub, we teach students how to build their website in Javascript/HTML/CSS and Google Sites, and how to build mobile apps in Swift.

How many people participate in the Congressional App Challenge?

More than 2000 teams submit every year and over 14000 teams have submitted in the 4 years since the contest’s creation.

What do I get if I win the Congressional App Challenge?

Recognition from your local congressional district, a certificate, and other prizes depending on the district.

Get inspired

Check out Kuval’s video above and other great AI-powered apps built by AIClub students on our IOS class page.

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