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Congratulations to Our JEI Publication Acceptees!

In the last few months, four teams of students have had their papers accepted for publication by the Journal of Emerging Investigators! Congratulations to these students and their amazing research.

What is the Journal of Emerging Investigators?

The Journal of Emerging Investigators (JEI) is an open-access journal run by Harvard graduate students. JEI publishes research done by middle school and high school students. JEI is a great way for students to get started in research, write a high-quality paper, and get feedback from more senior academics.

What kinds of research can I submit?

JEI publishes a wide variety of research topics. A paper should contain a clear hypothesis, and describe experimental procedures to validate the hypothesis, the results, and the subsequent conclusion. The JEI website contains details on how to write the paper.

Our four recent acceptees conducted widely different research projects

- Using AI to help diagnose currency for the blind

- Using AI to develop an automated violin tutor

- Using AI to forecast drought

- Using AI to diagnose Osteocarcoma

How long does it take to get a paper published in JEI?

In our experience, students have been able to receive a successful response in a few months. The process of publishing the paper can have additional steps in copy editing etc.

Is JEI prestigious?

JEI is a well-respected reviewed journal for middle school and high school research.

How does publishing a research paper help me?

Research is a great way to show that you can take a problem, study it in depth, formulate a solution, and evaluate the value of that solution. Beyond doing the research, writing a research paper is a great way to share your learnings with the world, and demonstrate communication skills that will serve you well in life. Many real-world problems (in college and beyond) require the same skills that it takes to write a research paper. By publishing one before college, you show prospective colleges that you are ready for this kind of challenge.

How can I get started?

Check out the AIClub Research Institute and get inspired with project ideas! Apply here if you would like to be connected with a mentor to guide your research.

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