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Hackathons! Experiences from The TED AI Hackathon and More!

This past weekend, AIClub helped organize the first ever TED AI Open Source Hackathon - AI for Good (and particularly the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs). In this blog post, we cover the basics of hackathons, and why they are amazing experiences for learners of all ages.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is an event where groups of participants build an interesting project in a short time frame. It is a chance to gather with fellow inventors and explore the high-energy experience of coding for a purpose.

Why are AI Hackathons special?

All hackathons have a similar energy of coding for a purpose, exploring new technologies, and experiencing the value of teamwork. In addition - AI Hackathons are a great way to explore cutting-edge AI technologies. For example - during this hackathon - participants got a chance to explore Google's new Palm AI API, Github's co-pilot, and other amazing technologies.

Why should you consider joining one?

It is a wonderful learning experience, both for developers and for organizers. For example - an AIClub student had the opportunity to volunteer at this hackathon and work directly with professional hackers, entrepreneurs, and product professionals. AIClub high school students have also participated in and won hackathons!

Why are hackathons good for high school students?

AIClub students who have participated in hackathons have enjoyed the learning and collegiate atmosphere. It is a great way to be around other people who care about technology, solving problems, and learning new things. Hackers tend to be friendly and humble - and many hackathons have strict codes of conduct, making the entire experience safe and invigorating for all involved. At AIClub - we guide students to select hackathons that will provide such experiences. We also organize hackathons of our own - such as our AIStars event.

How can you do hackathons with AIClub?

We encourage AIClub Research Institute students to participate in selected hackathons as per their interests and suitability for their research and passion projects. Mentors guide students in the selection of hackathons and the work involved. If you are interested, apply to the AIClub Research Institute here.


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