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Celebrating 100% acceptance to MIT URTC!

MIT Research
MIT Research

We are thrilled that all 5 of the AIClub Research Institute Students who submitted to MIT URTC 2023 were accepted to present their research!

What is MIT URTC?

The MIT Undergraduate Research Technology Conference is a prestigious IEEE conference where undergraduates and high school students present novel research in science and technology. The conference is held every year at MIT and virtually.

What grades are the students in?

The conference has both undergraduate student and high school student speakers.

What did the students submit?

Our students submitted novel research in a range of areas from wildfire prediction, astrophysics, disease diagnostics to drug discovery.

How can I create a research project like this?

Most of our students start with a passion to do research - everything else can be learned. Check out the AIClub Research Institute and schedule a consultation so that we can learn more about you and see if we can work with you to convert your passion an creativity into a research project!

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